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As Americans agriculture is our history. It is also our present day, and our future. Every bite of food you take most likely came from some sort of agricultural business at some point. Agriculture is so important to who we are that it often goes overlooked in today's flashy politics, but Jack Hughes-Hageman has not forgotten. 

Jack's Uncle Greg is a dairy farmer, and he has had to sell his cows. He was never a bad farmer, but mismanagement of agriculture by our national government lead to his farm and many others just not being able to break even every year. He is too old to start over again, so instead he will have to subsist off corn farming alone.

Problems like this are facing farmers and ranchers across the United States. In a globalized economy that puts commodity prices over the lives of farmers we need someone in congress who will stand up to private interests to put american agriculture on a sustainable path.

Jack wants to bring national wildfire and drought relief to ranchers and farmers affected by current disasters, as well as provide subsidized funding for farming upgrades to stay competitive with the global market.

Farmers need to know that their government has their back, and that their congressman does too.

Some Highlights Of His Agricultural Agenda:


  • Massive subsidy overhaul to open up new products and markets to our farmers and support innovation.

  • Increased funding for agricultural research and education to keep America on the cutting edge of food production globally.

  • More federal support for small local farms in the form of tax rebates for solar panels and other green upgrades, direct federal grants for start-ups, federal tax incentives for restaurants to source fresh and locally, and a new congressional recognition for farmers who are "Outstanding in their Field" to highlight national pride in agricultural success.

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