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A Bridge for the Future

Connecting West Seattle and Much Much More.

Currently the West Seattle Bridge is closed, leaving many cutoff from from their most effective route of transportation. Currently there is no push by our congress to provide any federal relief effort to Seattle or any of the many large municipalities around the US suffering from poorly maintained infrastructure.

The West Seattle bridge in its current form was constructed in 1984 after successful lobbying of congress by Seattle Council Woman Jeannette Williams and long time Senator Warren G. Magnuson. Without successful lobbying by our congressional delegation now the west Seattle bridge will most likely sit in political limbo for years to come as it has in the past.

Jack Hughes-Hageman will introduce a measure to bring direct federal aide to Seattle and other municipalities across the united states that are hindered by decaying bridges and other essential transportation infrastructure. This is what Jack Hughes-Hageman feels our federal dollars should be used for.

Jack thinks the West Seattle bridge should be repaired or replaced immediately. This federal aide should also include money for other waterway, bridge, and road infrastructure improvements that are long overdue in Seattle and other communities. If we can pass a two trillion dollar stimulus bill for COVID-19, I am sure there is a bipartisan appeal to fixing America's aging bridges.

If you would like to help in lobbying congress for federal relief to repair or rebuild the West Seattle Bridge, vote for Jack Hughes-Hageman. He is the only candidate who has dedicated himself to doing so. It is time Seattle saw some relief, and we see a bridge for the future.

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