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Congress is broken and the federal government is out of control. Having evolved well beyond its intended purpose, Americans need to reconsider the role of government and how it works on a day to day basis. Most Americans agree that the way our government operates should change, but almost no one can agree on how to do that. We need leaders who can work across the isle to improve the way our government business is conducted.

That is where Jack Hughes-Hageman comes in. This man is a mover and a shaker, a dreamer and a maker. Jack has a vision where the government is again a government "Of the People, By the People, and For the People, Of the United States of America". 

The house of representatives has not fundamentally changed since the Permanent Apportionment Act  of 1929. That means there is the exact same number of representatives in congress today as when America had only 120 million people. This country has almost tripled in population since then, yet the representation per capita in the federal government continues to dwindle.

How can we call this a truly representative democracy if the leaders of our republic are tasked with representing over 600,000 people each? How on earth does that represent the will of the common people?

Jack has a plan to reconfigure congress so that people in small communities have true representation at the national level. Between expanding the number of representatives in congress and imposing amiable year term limits we can do a lot to limit the influence of partisan politics and private interests.

Join Jack in his crusade to take back America for Americans.

Hughes-Hageman supports:


Expanding the house of representatives to give residents one representative per 100,000 people.

Criminal justice reform to make justice faster and more affordable to the common man.

Increased third party oversight to federal elections

Abolition of the presidential electoral college in favor of a popular vote. You shouldn't be able to attain the highest office of the land when you lose by several million votes.


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