The cost of healthcare in America has skyrocketed. Between rising premiums, out of control drug prices, and dysfunction in Washington American's are under more pressure than ever to find healthcare options that are both convenient and affordable. We need a representative in Washington who will work with Congress to reduce the real cost of coverage for everyday Americans.

After losing his grandfather to poor healthcare coverage and lack of access to quality care Jack Hughes-Hageman knows just how serious getting affordable healthcare coverage can be. Don't let other candidates with ulterior motives dissuade you, Jack is the only candidate willing to stand up for your right to proper care.

Affordable Healthcare Means: 


  • Increase competition in the market by reducing barriers to entry and incentivizing transparency. These companies work in the dark and behind the scenes and it literally costs peoples lives, if they want to sell medicine they should have all their books in the open.

  • Driving down the cost of common prescription medications with aggressive subsidies and empowering collective bargaining for small businesses.

  • Establishing universal coverage for mental health for all Americans. That means all Americans, regardless of any factor, have access to mental health care. That means that there is a single payer system for the majority of mental health care services such as counseling, psychiatric visits, mental health prescriptions,  drug rehabilitation, and group therapy. Mental health is a small fraction of America's Health care costs and one that has the most impact, its time we as a people took care of ourselves mentally.

  •  Increasing the availability of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals by supporting large scale education and removing legislative burdens on research institutions.

  • Ensuring every American is able to purchase quality healthcare, even those with disabilities and preexisting conditions.


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