The homelessness crisis along the west coast has gone from bad to worse. A combination of high housing costs, lack of mental health care, drug addiction, and bad luck has hundreds of thousands of people on the streets in America. This has to end, and definitively.

These people do their best to get by, but more often than not their struggle becomes societies. Their fight for survival will inevitably meet our daily routines, and currently we don't have the means to help them. This is not a one state issue, this is a federal issue that needs to be addressed by congress in a way that is meaningful and has lasting impact.


To combat homelessness federally congress needs to:

  • Reintroduce the federal work corps, a federally funded and regulated work program to give livable incomes, housing, and healthcare to those in need.

  • Utilize the national guard to give structure and security to homeless tent communities that outpace local emergency resources.

  • Provide Universal prescription and Mental Health Care coverage to all citizens regardless of need to reduce cyclic homelessness due to mental health issues.

  • Paid Secondary education to introduce unskilled workers to the workforce and provide them a means of supporting themselves.

These are just a few of the things Jack Hughes-Hageman want's to do for people caught in this crisis. There needs to be changes to zoning laws, housing development, city planning polcies, federal infrastructure investment, and much more to really nip this problem in the bud.
It will get worse if something is not done.

Jack Hughes-Hageman lived out of a tent in 2012, and that was not his only bout of homelessness in his life. Politicians that are millionaires have no real connection to this crisis outside how it impacts their daily lives traveling around metro areas. We need a politician who has real understanding what it is like to survive on the streets while trying to make a life for themselves. Silver Spooners just don't have the same drive to address this problem, it is not real to them.

A vote for Jack Hughes-Hageman is a vote to end Homelessness in Seattle and across the United States.


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