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Americans today watch the economy like a hawk. Hardworking Americans need to know that their representative in congress does the same. Jack Hughes-Hageman is proud to be the only candidate in the race with years of experience analyzing and understanding economics in an academic fashion.

Economics is not magic or mumbojumbo, it is hard factual science about the relationship between supply and demand. Americans cannot expect to continue the same standard of life during an economic recession, and politicians who are unwise to this have caused untold amounts of damage.

Jack has a no-nonsense approach to economics that focuses solely on economic principle. We need to maximize the potential of America's economy through innovative incentive structures while taking down obvious barriers to trade that keep goods and services from getting where they need to go.

How We Will Protect America's Economy:

  • Use international trade deals to remove barriers to trade and promote the sale of American products abroad

  • Innovative funding solutions to reduce the tax burden on the working public

  • Alter the tax code to better incentivize the maximum amount of American Jobs

  • Expand the scope Bureau of Economic Analysis to prevent Congress and the American Public from another major recession

  • Include basic economics as a national requirement for highschool education

  • Create a National Sovereign fund to develop perpetual non-tax income for the federal government


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