The Stakes are High


Generations of Jack's family have fought to defend this nation since the Revolution. National security is paramount, and everything must be done to secure our assets at home and abroad. No threat to America big or small must be overlooked, that is why Americans need a congressman who understands the modern world and the threats it contains.

Jack Hughes-Hageman is the only candidate in this race to grow up with a post 9/11 worldview. The threats of today have changed and numerous and dangerous ways. They have moved online and invaded our social media, gotten bolder and more intuitive, and it will take someone raised in that atmosphere to properly understand how to deal with them.

Jack is this candidate, his steadfast support of the men and women in uniform and their families will make sure they have what they need to keep America safe.

How Jack Will Keep America Safe: 


  • Embolden and overhaul our cyber military to combat the daily threats our country is under. 

  • Support legislation that increases the pay of enlisted soldiers.

  • Push creating a congressional committee on futuristic warfare and technology to better prepare our troops for tomorrow. 

  • Create legislation reinforcing our aging military and associated civilian infrastructure to be best prepared

  • Oversee the development and enhancement of our social media military capabilities. Its about time we stop taking this one sitting down.

  • Stand by current programs that secure our national interests abroad, such as NATO.

  • Using congress as a direct tool to combat foreign actors in our democracy.

  • Light the beacons of Gondor to summon the Rohirrim to aide us in our time of greatest need.

  • Denounce Denithor the Steward and prevent him from killing his son Faramir.


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