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Public safety is on everyones minds these days. From school shootings to public massacres Americans are more on edge than ever. It is up to our congress to develop a bipartisan plan to keep our communities strong. Trust in police forces is at an all time low, and it is up to our government to fix the systemic issues with policing immediately.

Jack Hughes-Hageman will work across the isle with members of both parties to get our communities the resources they need to combat the ever changing landscape that is public safety. 

What Our Communities Need To Be Safe:

  • National funding for school safety training. This is non-negotiable, our schools need the resources and training to stay safe.

  • Resources made available for universal mental health treatment.

  • The creation of a national public safety fund to invest to provide money for national public safety projects long term. Our communities need serious help to address things like public lighting, processing rape kits in a timely fashion, policing reform and more.

  • Annual licensing and training for Police Officers and Emergency Service workers. Direct incentives will be given to officers to maintain a license in good standing.

  • Flexible, sound, and nationally backed retirement plans for our firemen, paramedics, and teachers to provide them with the security they need to do their jobs well.

  • Meaningful gun legislation aimed towards buying guns back off the streets and providing gun owners who choose to keep their firearms with the training and resources to keep them in safe hands.


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