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Retirement in America has changed drastically. Things that used to be understood and planned for have shifted so immensely that many of our senior citizens have had their quality of life fall to the wayside.


Jack Hughes-Hageman knows firsthand just how hard life can be for senior citizens, having helped his own grandparents navigate those treacherous waters. Their loving memory is the motivation for him to ensure that no senior citizen will go without.

Americans need to know that their representative in congress will stand up to private interests and defend the retirement you have earned from a lifetime of hardwork. 

How Jack Wants To Make Life Easier for Senior Citizens:

Take action to preserve and protect medicare, medicaid, and social security by building a comprehensive, bipartisan funding solution to ensure the viability of these programs for years to come.


Congressional investigation into predatory prescription drug prices. Price gouging some of America's most vulnerable is a widespread and known issue that must be addressed. Insulin is far to expensive, to name just one.


Making it a federal civil crime to have non-cost related price increases to life saving drugs, treatments, and medications, and any exceptions would require congressional approval. Repeated or malicious infractions could result in further criminal charges.


Creating a national emergency response force that has training and capabilities to better provide for the elderly in times of crisis and natural disaster when they are disproportionately affected. No one should have to die because a disaster cut them off from aide when they could have otherwise lived many more years.


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