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Jack Hughes-Hageman's commitment to the environment began early during his years growing up in Alaska. Shown early how to be a steward of the environment he has never wavered in his dedication to the living world around him.

Washington's 7th congressional district is easily the most diverse and naturally beautiful area's of the state. Containing alpine forests, rivers, hills and streams there is something for everyone to like about this unique and special place. If we are to keep places like Discovery Park looking good for years to come steps must be taken to preserve and protect such natural beauty.

The environment is important to everyone, and that goes without saying. It is Jack's firm belief that economic development and environmental preservation go hand in hand. Without economic interests to generate revenue, it is impossible to pay for long term ecological projects. Conversely, when there is an economic interest vested in preserving the environment it is a win-win for everyone involved.

Jack Hughes-Hageman has been an active participant in highway cleanup programs since childhood,and coordinated his fraternities highway adoption program.

Jack Hughes-Hageman believes that the environment needs to be preserved and taken care of. That means doing the absolute most we can as Americans to protect the environment to ensure the maximum benefit to our people. 


"Without proper congressional oversight a poorly run EPA hurts both businesses and the environment alike."

- Jack Hughes-Hageman


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