My Pledge To You

A Pledge to the People

This is my pledge to you; the people of Seattle, of America, and of the 7th District. 

I pledge to never take Political Action Committee contributions for my campaigns.

I pledge to never use my influence for personal or political financial gain.

I pledge to release any tax returns requested of me.

I pledge to never sell a book while in office or use my platform to advertise products.

I pledge to never miss a legislative vote unless medically or functionally unable.

I pledge to fight the influence of corporations at all levels of politics.

I pledge to stand up for the underdogs, in all the forms we can take.

I pledge to be honest, to be accountable, and to be accessible.

Why did I run as a Republican in 2018?

I ran as a progressive republican in 2018 to try and shove out Dino Rossi out of the election and start a progressive revolution, it did not work. I came second in the Republican Party, but 5th out of 12 candidates.

Did I vote for the current president?

No, I did not. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton and I caucused for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Washington State Caucus. I hate the current president so much I don't even say his name, I do want to give it that kind of power.

Was I a Democrat before 2018?

Yes 2012: Moderate Democrat - Obama & Begich Canvasser 2014: Occupy Democrat - Scott Kawasaki Canvasser 2016: Berniecrat - Caucused for Bernie Washington State 2018: Progressive Republican - Ran Against Dino Rossi 2020: Progressive Democrat - Today

These things I pledge.

Jack Hughes-Hageman

4214 11th ave NE #208, Seattle, WA


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