Protecting Those Who Protect Us


There are thousands of veterans in Washington's 7th district, and they need a representative in congress with real skin in the game who will fight tooth and nail to defend the benefits they have earned. American Veterans are family to Jack Hughes-Hageman, not just figuratively.


Jack's older Sister Elizabeth has been an active duty member of the United States Army since Seventeen and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. She is a loving mother and wife who has completed several degrees while in the service while also raising three beautiful children.


His cousin Tad an Army Veteran who served during the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and his other cousin Tanner is also an army Veteran of many years, having served since age eighteen. Both are now dedicated fathers who are back to civilian life, spending a lot of time at tea parties.

Uncle John enlisted during Vietnam, Jack still owes him drinks to this day.

Grandpa Allen Hughes was a flyboy in the Army Air Core in World War Two. After the war he would settle in Minnesota and had six kids.

Grandpa Jack Hageman was a Master Sergeant in the Army. After World War Two he settled down here in his home state of Washington and had eight children. He did such a good job they named his grandson Jack, too.

Jack has members of both branches of his family in every major American war since the Revolution, a fact he stands proud of.


These people helped shape and develop Jack into the hardworking and self reliant man he is today. He is the only candidate that understands the real, everyday needs of veterans and how to bring immediate relief to their problems. 

How We Can Help Veteran's And Their Families:

  • Increase the length of GI bill education benefits from 36 to 42 months to provide a full four years of education.

  • Use the FDIC to pressure lending institutions that push predatory loans on service members.

  • Expand law enforcement capabilities so we can hold businesses accountable that take advantage of well intentioned veterans and their families.

  • Create a national fund supported by the national government to provide perpetual funding for veterans services and programs.

  • Provide lifetime mental health care coverage for all veterans 


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